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Las Vegas Golf Courses-A Guide To The Best Las Vegas Golf Vacation

Monday, November 24, 2014

Are you planning on going to Las Vegas?

Did you know that Las Vegas golf courses are some of the

best golf courses in the world? There are numerous amounts

of Las Vegas golf courses and many more are being built.

The majority of Las Vegas golf courses are open all year

round, very beautiful and known for their quality and

spectacular features. They are a must for anyone traveling

to Vegas on vacation. So if you are looking at planning a

Las Vegas golf vacation and do not know where to begin, let me

help you with this short guide.

First, The Legacy is one of the finest golf clubs in

Las Vegas. This is one of my favorite Las Vegas

golf courses to visit. What I enjoy about the Legacy Golf

Club is that it provides an unrivaled and most challenging

golf course because of its raised terrain, unparalleled

angles, configurations and lines, broad landing surface

area and excellent landscaping.

Second, The Bali Hai is another one of Las Vegas

golf courses that is noteworthy. The practice surface

area, banquet and clubhouse is excellent and has a great

family atmosphere.

Next, Reflection Bay is a wonderful golf club and people

continue to rave about it. The mission at Reflection Bay is to

provide all golfers a most pleasurable golfing experience.

Also, Lake Las Vegas Golf Club is a Las Vegas golf course

known for its awesome location. Located 17 miles from the

Vegas strip centered on a 320 acre privately owned lake.

In addition, other Las Vegas golf courses such as the

Painted Desert Golf Club, Desert Pines Golf Course

and the Silverstone Golf Club continue to get great


Last, but not least, Las Vegas Golf vacation packages can

range from low-priced to very high-priced. With their

increasing popularity Las Vegas golf courses are becoming

more and more popular so you need to know how to beat the


As you can see, Las Vegas golf courses have become Shangri-

La for golf enthusiast worldwide. With a little advance

planning you should have a wonderful Las Vegas golf vacation.

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