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Planting a Wildlife Food Plot

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Developing your own plot of wildlife and fauna may sound just a bit over-reaching and foolish to some but be assured it is far from impossible! You can grow your own wildlife and sustain it with proper nourishment with the help of proper tools and equipment. The farming equipment is handy and can be transported and fitted into small spaces where even tractors can't fit into.

If anyone's wondering why you'd want to grow crops for wild animals...well, here are some good reasons:

• You care about wildlife and want to sustain the fauna close to your country home.

• You will be able to provide better nourishment for animals, particularly deer, than is available for them in the wild.

• You can buy bags of good seeds particularly suited for their nourishment requirements and help the animals to remain healthy.

• You can attract deer and other animals to your food plot and have the opportunity to observe nature wild and up close.

• You can instill in your children respect and love for nature and they can learn a lot about wildlife from observing these harmless animals from close quarters in their natural habitat.

• You can pass your wildlife knowledge as a legacy to your children and experience the pleasure of close bonding with your children and family.

Advantageous for Landscape Planting:

Feeding the local wildlife may be a good idea as they will help protect your beautifully landscaped garden. As the deer habitat is shrinking due to human activities and deforestation, the deer are forced to wander closer to our homes and will feed on whatever is available in your front yard. Even though deer are not particularly fond of being displaced from their wooded habitat and brushing shoulders with humans, they do find the lush greenery around our homes quite tempting. They love to munch on plants like your prized tulips, roses and hostas. So it is to your advantage that you plant crops like chicory, clover and buck beans in a plot of land away from your beautiful garden to keep them away from the yummy greenery you have waiting for them at your doorstep.

Source for good hunting:

The last but certainly not the least reason for you to maintain a plot of food crops for wild animals is the nurturing of a big pool of animals that can be used for the purpose of good hunting. So when hunting season comes round you will not have to travel far and wide to harvest for prize trophies. The animals will be right there close at hand so you won't have to travel and spend extra money on commuting. Added to that is the advantage of not having to lug the animals after you've made your mark. All these factors add up to a very favorable reason for you to plant crops for wild animals and help nature sustain her wildlife.

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